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Switzerland 2006 World Cup Home kit XS

Switzerland 2006 World Cup Home kit XS

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The size is XS, it was manufactured by Puma for their 2006 World Cup Campaign where they reached the Round of 16. Excellent condition. The Swiss flag can be seen on the front side of the shirt in an abstract  design.

Switzerland progressed to the Round of 16. However, their journey came to an end in this stage as they faced Ukraine. The match ended 0-0 after extra time, but Switzerland was eliminated after losing 3-0 on penalties.

Their goalkeeper, Pascal Zuberbühler, performed admirably throughout the tournament, particularly in the group stage matches. Their defense, led by players like Philippe Senderos and Johann Vogel, also put in solid performances.

Several key players stood out for their contributions to the team:

  1. Alexander Frei: Frei was Switzerland's primary attacking threat during the tournament. He was the team's leading goal scorer in the qualifiers and played a crucial role in the World Cup campaign as well. Frei's goalscoring ability and leadership were vital for Switzerland.

  2. Pascal Zuberbühler: Zuberbühler was the goalkeeper for the Swiss team in the 2006 World Cup. He put in some outstanding performances, especially in the group stage matches, where he made crucial saves to keep Switzerland in contention.

  3. Johann Vogel: Vogel was an influential figure in midfield for Switzerland. As the team captain, he provided leadership and stability in the center of the park. Vogel's passing range and defensive contributions were essential for Switzerland's tactical setup.

  4. Philippe Senderos: Senderos played a key role in Switzerland's defense during the tournament. His composure and aerial prowess made him a reliable presence in the backline. Senderos played a crucial part in helping Switzerland keep clean sheets and navigate through tough matches.

  5. Tranquillo Barnetta: Barnetta was a versatile midfielder who contributed both defensively and offensively for Switzerland. His work rate and ability to create scoring opportunities made him a valuable asset for the team.

  6. Johan Djourou: Djourou was a young and promising defender who provided depth to Switzerland's backline. While he didn't feature as prominently as some other defenders, his performances when called upon were solid and contributed to the team's defensive solidity.
  7. Valon Behrami: Behrami was another versatile midfielder who showcased his defensive abilities and tireless work ethic throughout the tournament. His ability to cover ground and support both the defense and attack made him an important player for Switzerland.

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