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AEK Athens 2011/12 Away kit Large

AEK Athens 2011/12 Away kit Large

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This kit is in excellent condition, it featured a raw look by Puma with uneven lines that looked like this by design. Plus this fanela is notorious for being extremely slim. So have in mind that this size is Large (but honestly it feels like a tight Medium). 

During the 2011/2012 season, AEK Athens competed in several competitions, including the Greek Super League, Greek Cup, and UEFA Europa League. Here's a summary of their performance in each competition:

  1. Greek Super League:

    • AEK Athens finished in 3rd place in the regular season with 56 points.
  2. Greek Cup:

    • AEK Athens reached the Round of 16.
  3. UEFA Europa League:

    • AEK Athens participated in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.

Here are a few more key players from AEK Athens during the 2011/2012 season:

  1. Pantelis Kafes: Kafes was a creative force in midfield, contributing to AEK Athens' attacking play with his vision, passing ability, and set-piece delivery.
  2. Nikos Liberopoulos: Liberopoulos, with his experience and goal-scoring ability, continued to be an important figure in the team's attack.
  3. Taxiarchis Fountas: Fountas, a Greek winger/forward, emerged as a promising talent during his time at AEK Athens. Known for his pace, dribbling ability, and versatility in the attacking positions, Fountas provided a dynamic presence in the team's forward line.

  4. Panagiotis Lagos: Lagos, a Greek midfielder, played a crucial role in AEK Athens' midfield during this period. Known for his work rate, passing ability, and defensive contributions, Lagos provided stability and control in the center of the park, helping to link defense with attack.

  5. Leonardo: Leonardo, often referred to as Leonardo Morales, is a Brazilian forward who joined AEK Athens in 2012. Known for his technical skills, creativity, and goal-scoring ability, Leonardo added an extra dimension to AEK Athens' attacking play. His flair and ability to create scoring opportunities made him a key player in the team's forward line.

  6. Grigoris Makos: Makos played a key role in midfield, providing defensive cover and contributing to the team's buildup play.
  7. Eiður Guðjohnsen: The Icelandic football legend
  8. Victor Klonaridis: The Belgian-Greek winger/forward joined AEK Athens in 2012 and quickly established himself as an important attacking player for the team.

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