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Albania 2006 Home kit Large

Albania 2006 Home kit Large

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An extremely rare piece we are very happy to have. The Albanian jersey of 2006 is an instant classic manufactured by Umbro, the size is Large and the condition is outstanding.

In 2006 they did not manage to qualify for the World Cup in Germany.

During 2006, the Albanian National football team featured several notable players who contributed to the team's performances:

  1. Lorik Cana: A key figure in Albanian football during that time, Lorik Cana was known for his leadership and defensive prowess. He played as a midfielder or defender and had a significant impact on the team's performance.

  2. Erjon Bogdani: Bogdani was a prolific striker for Albania and one of their top goal scorers during the 2006 period. He played for various clubs in Europe and was known for his ability to find the back of the net.

  3. Altin Lala: Another important player for the Albanian team, Altin Lala played as a midfielder and was known for his versatility and work rate on the pitch. He provided stability in the midfield and contributed to the team's overall performance.

  4. Ansi Agolli: Agolli was a dependable defender for Albania, known for his solid defensive skills and ability to contribute to the team's attack from the backline. He played an important role in the team's defense during the 2006 period.

  5. Edvin Murati: Murati was a talented midfielder who played for the Albanian National team during that time. He contributed to the team's midfield creativity and was known for his passing and playmaking abilities.

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