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Aris 2006/07 Home kit Small

Aris 2006/07 Home kit Small

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This kit is in great shape and it was manufactured by Adidas. The size is Small.

The 2006/07 season was a significant one for Aris Thessaloniki Football Club. Here's a brief overview of their performance during that time:

  1. Super League Greece: Aris competed in the Greek Super League, the top tier of Greek football. They had a decent season, finishing in 4th place.

  2. Greek Football Cup: Aris also participated in the Greek Football Cup, the premier knockout tournament in Greek football. They reached the 4th Round.

During the 2006/07 season, Aris Thessaloniki had several key players who played crucial roles in the team's performance. Some of these players included:

  1. Sergio Koke: The Spanish forward was a prolific goal scorer for Aris during this time, known for his skill and ability to find the back of the net.
  2. Nikos Karabelas: Karabela's attributes likely included solid defensive skills, pace, and crossing ability, which are essential qualities for a modern full-back.
  3. Konstantinos Nebegleras
  4. Kostas Chalkias: Chalkias had a wealth of experience and was known for his commanding presence in goal, shot-stopping ability, and strong aerial command. He was a reliable figure between the posts throughout his career.

Here are some interesting facts about the club:

  1. Foundation: Aris FC was founded on March 25, 1914, in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was named after the ancient Greek god of war, Ares (or Aris in Greek), symbolizing strength, courage, and competitive spirit.

  2. Stadium: The club's home ground is the Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium, located in Thessaloniki. It has a seating capacity of around 22,800 spectators. The stadium is named after Kleanthis Vikelidis, a legendary former president of the club.

  3. Fan Base: Aris FC boasts a passionate and loyal fan base known as the "Super 3." The supporters are renowned for their unwavering dedication, colorful displays, and vibrant atmosphere during matches.

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