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Asteras Tripolis 2016/17 Home kit Small

Asteras Tripolis 2016/17 Home kit Small

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Condition: ★★★★★

This kit is in perfect condition and features Nike's Dri Fit Technology. The size is Small and the only minor issue is a stiching error on the badge. For some reason the letter ''L'' on the football club is stiched wrong. Except that the kit is in excellent Brand New condition. 

Asteras Tripolis, a Greek football club, competed in the Superleague Greece during the 2016/17 season. In that season, Asteras Tripolis finished in 13th place in the league table.

After a lot of managerial changes they reached the Quarter Finals of the Greek Cup.

  1. History: Asteras Tripolis was founded in 1931 and has a relatively rich history in Greek football. The club's name "Asteras" translates to "Star" in English.

  2. Home Stadium: The team plays its home matches at the Theodoros Kolokotronis Stadium, which has a seating capacity of around 7,600 spectators.

  3. Achievements: While not among the most successful clubs in Greece, Asteras Tripolis has had its moments of success. The club has participated in Greek Super League, the top tier of Greek football, and has occasionally finished in the upper half of the league table. Their most notable achievement is probably reaching the final of the Greek Football Cup in the 2012/13 season, but they finished as runners-up in that competition.

They had several notable players who contributed to their performance that season. Some of these notable players included:

  1. Giannis Kotsiras: Kotsiras, a Greek midfielder, also made significant contributions to the team's performance that season.

  2. Kostas Triantafyllopoulos: Triantafyllopoulos, a Greek defender, was a reliable presence in the team's backline.

  3. Matias Iglesias
  4. Giorgos Athanasiadis
  5. Dimitrios Kourbelis
  6. Georgios Kyriakopoulos
  7. Kosmas Tsilianidis: Tsilianidis, a Greek midfielder, was an important presence in the team's midfield during that season.


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