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Austria 2006 Home kit Medium

Austria 2006 Home kit Medium

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A simple and beautiful jersey by puma with a gigantic Austrian eagle fading behind the crest. The size is Medium and it's in excellent condition manufactured by Puma.

The Austrian national football team did not qualify for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Despite not qualifying, they had notable players in their squad and participated in various international matches.

Some notable players who were part of the Austrian national team around that time included:

  1. Andreas Ivanschitz: A midfielder who played for several clubs in Europe including Rapid Vienna and Red Bull Salzburg. He was a key player for the Austrian national team during that period.

  2. Martin Harnik: A forward known for his versatility and goal-scoring ability. He played for clubs such as Werder Bremen and Stuttgart during his career and was a prominent figure in the Austrian national team.

  3. Sebastian Prödl: A central defender who played for Werder Bremen and Watford among other clubs. He was a solid presence in the Austrian defense during that time.

  4. Emanuel Pogatetz: Another central defender who played for clubs like Middlesbrough and Hannover 96. He was known for his physical style of play and leadership on the field.

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