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Côte d'Ivoire - Ivory Coast 2014 Home kit Small

Côte d'Ivoire - Ivory Coast 2014 Home kit Small

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Condition: ★★★★★

Puma always puts out their best designs for their great African National Teams and this is another great example of that. Using their DryCell Technology this jersey is in fantastic condition. The size is Small. Beautiful details decorate and complete the look around this beautiful kit. 

This fanela was used in their 2014 campaign which was not very succesful as they were knocked out in the final Group Stage by a heroic Greek side. But nobody can dismiss their impressive talent pool. 

In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Ivory Coast had several key players who played significant roles for the team:

  1. Didier Drogba: As the captain of the team, Drogba was a legendary figure and one of the most prominent players for Ivory Coast. While he didn't start every match, his leadership and experience were invaluable to the team.

  2. Yaya Touré: Yaya Touré was a vital midfielder for Ivory Coast in the 2014 World Cup. Known for his strength, skill, and ability to control the midfield, Touré was a key playmaker and provided both defensive stability and attacking threat.

  3. Wilfried Bony: Bony was one of Ivory Coast's main attacking threats in the 2014 World Cup. His physical presence and goal-scoring ability made him a crucial player for the team.

  4. Serge Aurier: Aurier played as a right-back for Ivory Coast and was known for his pace, defensive solidity, and ability to contribute to attacking plays with his overlapping runs and crosses.

  5. Gervinho: Gervinho, known for his speed and dribbling skills, played as a winger for Ivory Coast. He was a constant threat to opposition defenses with his runs and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities.

  6. Cheick Tioté: Tioté played as a midfielder and provided defensive stability in the midfield for Ivory Coast. He was known for his tenacity, tackling ability, and work rate.

  7. Serey Die: Serey Die was another important midfielder for Ivory Coast. He contributed to the team's midfield control and defensive duties.

  8. Salomon Kalou: Kalou played as a forward or winger for Ivory Coast. He brought experience and versatility to the team's attacking options with his goal-scoring ability and creativity.

  9. Arthur Boka: Boka was a reliable left-back for Ivory Coast. He provided defensive solidity and also supported the team's attacks with his overlapping runs and crosses from the flank.

  10. Didier Zokora: Zokora, often deployed as a defensive midfielder, brought experience and leadership to the Ivory Coast team. He played a crucial role in shielding the defense and initiating attacks from deep.

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