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Fluminense 2004/05 Away Kit Small

Fluminense 2004/05 Away Kit Small

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This fanela is in good condition. It also features the number #10 on the back in the official Adidas number style of that era. It uses Adidas Clima Cool Technology and it's a size Small. Make sure to view the photos to see a small fade in the Clima Cool and Adidas heat prints that appear on the bottom of the shirt.

Fluminense, a Brazilian football club, had a relatively successful season in 2004/05, participating in various competitions. Here is a summary of their performance in the major competitions during that season:

  1. Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (Brazilian Serie A): Fluminense finished in 9th place out of 24 teams in the 2004 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A.They earned 67 points from 46 matches.

  2. Copa do Brasil (Brazilian Cup): Fluminense reached the final of the 2005 Copa do Brasil, but they lost to Paulista, 2-0.

  3. Copa Sudamericana (South American Cup): In the 2005 Copa Sudamericana, Fluminense had a solid campaign. They reached the semi-finals but were eliminated by Boca Juniors. Boca Juniors went on to win the tournament.

Some of the key players for Fluminense during that season included:

  1. Romário: The Brazilian football legend Romário played for Fluminense during this period. He was known for his incredible goal-scoring ability and experience.

  2. Roger: Roger Mancini, commonly referred to as Roger, was a talented midfielder who played an essential role in the team's midfield and creative play.

  3. Leandro Euzébio: Leandro Euzébio was a central defender who was a consistent presence in the Fluminense defense during that season.

  4. Juan: Juan Silveira dos Santos, commonly known as Juan, was a left-back who played an important role in the team's defense and contributed to their attacking moves.

  5. Rafael Moura: Rafael Moura, often known as "He-Man," was a forward who provided additional scoring options for the team.

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