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Fluminense 2019/20 Home Kit XL

Fluminense 2019/20 Home Kit XL

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This jersey is in excellent condition. It was manufactured by Under Armour and a size XL.

Fluminense, the Brazilian football club, had a somewhat mixed performance during the 2019/2020 season in various competitions. Here is a summary of their performance in the major competitions:

  1. Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (Brazilian Serie A): Fluminense finished the 2019 season in 14th place, securing their spot in the top division for the next season.

  2. Copa Sudamericana: In the 2019 Copa Sudamericana, Fluminense had a decent run. They reached the quarter-finals but were eliminated by Ecuadorian club Independiente del Valle.

  3. Campeonato Carioca (Rio de Janeiro State Championship): Fluminense reached the final of the 2020 Campeonato Carioca but lost to their arch-rivals Flamengo.

  4. Copa do Brasil (Brazilian Cup): In the 2020 Copa do Brasil, Fluminense made it to the Round of 16 before being eliminated by Atlético Goianiense.

Some of the key players for Fluminense during that season included:

  1. Evanilson: Evanilson emerged as a promising young striker for Fluminense. He scored important goals in both the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A and the Copa Sudamericana.
  2. Nenê (Anderson Luiz de Carvalho): Nenê, an experienced attacking midfielder, played a crucial role in creating scoring opportunities and providing leadership on the field.
  3. Marcos Paulo: A young talent, Marcos Paulo was one of the emerging stars in Fluminense's squad during that season. He showcased his potential as a forward and attracted the attention of various European clubs.
  4. Ganso (Paulo Henrique Ganso): Ganso is known for his creative abilities in midfield. He contributed to Fluminense's attack by providing assists and scoring goals.
  5. Kelvin (Kelvin Oliveira Gomes): Kelvin is a Brazilian winger who joined Fluminense during the 2019 season. He provided an additional attacking option for the team and contributed with his pace and dribbling skills.
  6. Wellington Nem: Wellington Nem is known for his speed and skill on the wing. He provided width to Fluminense's attack during this season.
  7. João Pedro (João Pedro Souza Pereira): João Pedro was a highly promising young striker who emerged as a key player for Fluminense during that season. He showcased his scoring abilities and attracted significant attention with his performances. João Pedro's form earned him a transfer to Watford in the English Premier League in early 2020, and he continued to represent Fluminense until his departure.
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