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France 2004/06 Training kit XXL

France 2004/06 Training kit XXL

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This training top of the legendary French squad is in excellent condition. It features Adidas Clima Cool Technology and it's in XXL size.

The France national football team had a mixed performance in the 2004 to 2006 seasons in various competitions. Here's a summary of their performance during that period:

  1. UEFA Euro 2004 (Portugal):

    • France reached the quarter-finals of the tournament.
    • They were eliminated by Greece in the quarter-finals, losing 1-0.
  2. FIFA World Cup 2006 (Germany):

    • France had a more successful run in the 2006 World Cup.
    • They reached the final of the tournament, where they faced Italy.
    • The final ended in a 1-1 draw after extra time, but Italy won 5-3 in a penalty shootout, and France finished as runners-up.

So, during this period, the French national team had a relatively disappointing performance in UEFA Euro 2004 but had a strong showing in the 2006 FIFA World Cup by making it to the final, although they ultimately finished as runners-up.

Some of the prominent players during this period included:

  1. Zinedine Zidane: Zidane was one of the most iconic and influential players for the French national team. He played a crucial role in both the UEFA Euro 2004 and FIFA World Cup 2006, providing skill and creativity in midfield.

  2. Thierry Henry: Henry was one of the top strikers in the world during this time and played a key role for France. He was known for his speed, goal-scoring ability, and versatility in attack.

  3. Patrick Vieira: Vieira was a dominant presence in midfield, known for his physicality and ability to control the game. He was an important figure for the French national team in both tournaments.

  4. Lilian Thuram: Thuram was a solid and reliable defender who played a significant role in the French defense during this period. He was known for his strong defensive abilities.

  5. Fabien Barthez: Barthez was the goalkeeper for the French national team during this time and was a crucial part of the squad, providing experience and solid goalkeeping.

  6. Franck Ribéry: Ribéry emerged as a rising talent during this period and made important contributions, especially in the 2006 World Cup.

  7. Claude Makélélé: Makélélé was a defensive midfielder who played an important role in shielding the defense and providing stability in the midfield.

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