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Iglesias Matchworn Asteras Tripolis 2021/22 Third kit XL

Iglesias Matchworn Asteras Tripolis 2021/22 Third kit XL

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Match: Asteras Tripolis (2) vs (1) PAOK | 27/02/2021 | Super League Greece | Theodoros Kolokotronis Stadium

Asteras Tripolis had a decent performance in the 2021/22 Greek Super League season, and one of their notable achievements was a significant victory over PAOK in their home stadium.

Matias Iglesias stands out as a seasoned veteran in Greek football over the past decade, amassing over 300 appearances with clubs such as Atromitos, AE Larisa, Ionikos, and, of course, Asteras Tripolis.

The kit was manufactured by Macron and it featured their MPerformanceSystem. Macron have a long running collaboration with Asteras Tripolis offering some beautiful and unique designs. The size is XL.

  1. Foundation and History: Asteras Tripolis was founded in 1931. The club has had periods of success in Greek football and has become a recognizable name in the country's football scene.

  2. Achievements: Asteras Tripolis has experienced notable achievements, including participating in European competitions. Their successes have contributed to their reputation in Greek football.

  3. Colors and Nickname: The team's colors are usually yellow and blue. The club is commonly referred to by the nickname "The Stars" ("Asteras" in Greek), reflecting the celestial theme in their name.

  4. Stadium: Asteras Tripolis plays its home matches at the Theodoros Kolokotronis Stadium, located in Tripoli. The stadium has a capacity of around 7,600 spectators.

The kit comes with 2 Certificates of Authenticity (COA).

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