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Millionarios 2006 Home kit Large

Millionarios 2006 Home kit Large

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This fanela is in great condition. Saeta is a manufacturer based in Ecuador and has gained recognition for its quality and design of soccer jerseys. It has produced jerseys for a number of football clubs and national teams in South America and other regions. The size is Large.

Millonarios Football Club gets its name from its early history and founding members. The club was founded in 1946 by a group of young football enthusiasts and players. "Millonarios" was chosen to reflect the ambitious nature of the club's goals and aspirations.

Millonarios plays their home matches at Estadio Nemesio Camacho, commonly known as El Campín. It is one of the most iconic stadiums in Colombia and has a seating capacity of over 36,000 spectators.

Millonarios has a passionate and dedicated fan base known as "Los Embajadores" or "Los Albiazules.

In the 2006 season, Millonarios, a professional football club based in Bogotá, Colombia, participated in several competitions, including the Categoría Primera A (Colombian top division) and the Copa Sudamericana. Here's a summary of their performance in those competitions during the 2006 season:

  1. Categoría Primera A (Liga Colombiana): Millonarios had a decent performance in the Colombian top division in the 2006 season. They finished in the regular season and advanced to the playoff stage (Liguilla), where they reached the semifinals. However, they were eliminated in the semifinals of the Apertura and Clausura tournaments. Overall, their performance in the league was fairly competitive, but they did not win the championship in either the Apertura or Clausura.

  2. Copa Sudamericana: In the 2006 Copa Sudamericana, Millonarios had a solid run. They reached the Round of 16 before being eliminated by the Argentine club Boca Juniors. It was a notable achievement for the club to reach this stage of the competition, as they faced strong opposition from across South America.

Some of the top players for Millonarios during that season included:

  1. Mayer Candelo: Mayer Candelo was an influential midfielder for Millonarios in 2006. He was known for his creative playmaking abilities and was often a central figure in the team's midfield.

  2. Ricardo Ciciliano: Ricardo Ciciliano was a talented midfielder who played an important role in the squad, contributing with his passing and ball control.

  3. Wason Rentería: Wason Rentería was a striker who had a strong presence in the team's attack. He was known for his goal-scoring ability and played a vital role in Millonarios' offensive efforts.

  4. Mario Yepes: Mario Yepes was an experienced defender and the team's captain during that season. He provided leadership and stability in the defense, contributing to the team's overall performance.

  5. Luis Delgado: Luis Delgado was the goalkeeper for Millonarios and played a crucial role in ensuring the team's defensive solidity.

Millonarios has a renowned youth academy that has produced many talented players who have gone on to have successful careers in both domestic and international football.

Some of the famous players who emerged from Millonarios' youth academy or had significant ties to the club include:

  1. Radamel Falcao García: Falcao is one of the most prominent footballers to come out of Millonarios' youth system. He is known for his prolific goal-scoring abilities and has had successful club careers in Europe with clubs like Porto, Atlético Madrid, and Manchester United. He has also been a key player for the Colombian national team. They made a huge mistake to let him go to River Plate for 500.000$ where he blossomed.

  2. Fredy Guarín: Guarín is another Millonarios youth product who has had a successful career as a midfielder. He has played for clubs in Europe, including FC Porto and Inter Milan, and has been a regular fixture in the Colombian national team.

  3. Amaranto Perea: Iván Ramiro Perea, commonly known as Amaranto, came through Millonarios' youth system before becoming a prominent defender. He had a successful club career in Europe with Atlético Madrid and played a significant role in the Colombian national team's defense.

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