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Fanela Club

Mitsiopoulos Matchworn Agrotikos Asteras 2002/03 Home kit XL

Mitsiopoulos Matchworn Agrotikos Asteras 2002/03 Home kit XL

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One of those kits you will probably wonder how do we even got them. Well this is what Fanela Club is all about. Manufactured by Puma this kit has an iconic official name print making the whole look of this fanela astonishing.

Mitsiopoulos began his football career in 1996 with AO Velissariou before moving to Panionios in 2000. He then had stints with Paniliakos, Panachaiki, Agrotikos, PAS Giannina, Doxa Dramas, Ethn.Olym.Volou, and AO Anatolis. Throughout his career, Mitsiopoulos transferred between clubs on free transfers, indicating his mobility within the Greek football scene. His career spanned over a decade, during which he experienced various levels of competition and likely contributed to the teams he played for in midfield or defensive roles.

Agrotikos Asteras is a Greek football club that was founded in 1932 and has competed in various tiers of Greek football. They have had spells in the Greek Super League, the top tier of Greek football, as well as in lower divisions.

Agrotikos Asteras is known for its passionate fanbase and has a longstanding rivalry with other local clubs in the region. While not one of the most high-profile clubs in Greece, they have a rich history and have contributed to the footballing landscape in the country.

One interesting aspect about Agrotikos Asteras is their strong emphasis on youth development. Despite being a smaller club, they have invested in their youth academy and have produced several talented players who have gone on to play professionally in Greece and abroad. This commitment to nurturing young talent reflects the club's dedication to building a sustainable future and maintaining strong ties with the local community.

Additionally, Agrotikos Asteras has had some memorable moments in cup competitions, where they have occasionally caused upsets against higher-ranked teams. 

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