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Mitsiopoulos Matchworn Doxa Dramas 2005/06 Home kit XL

Mitsiopoulos Matchworn Doxa Dramas 2005/06 Home kit XL

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An extremely rare kit of Doxa Dramas with an iconic '99' number and name print for 'Mitsiopoulos'. The fanela was used in a football match on the Third Greek Football Division also known as Gamma Ethniki.

Mitsiopoulos began his football career in 1996 with AO Velissariou before moving to Panionios in 2000. He then had stints with Paniliakos, Panachaiki, Agrotikos, PAS Giannina, Doxa Dramas, Ethn.Olym.Volou, and AO Anatolis. Throughout his career, Mitsiopoulos transferred between clubs on free transfers, indicating his mobility within the Greek football scene. His career spanned over a decade, during which he experienced various levels of competition and likely contributed to the teams he played for in midfield or defensive roles.

Doxa Drama, based in Drama, Greece, is an intriguing football club with a rich history and some unique facts:

  1. Foundation: Doxa Drama was founded in 1918, making it one of the oldest football clubs in Greece. It has a significant legacy within Greek football.

  2. Nickname: The club is commonly known as Doxa Drama or simply Doxa. "Doxa" is a Greek word meaning glory or honor, reflecting the aspirations of the club.

  3. Stadium: Doxa Drama plays its home matches at the Doxa Drama Stadium, also known as the Municipal Stadium of Drama. The stadium has a capacity of around 7,500 spectators.

  4. Historic Achievements: While Doxa Drama hasn't enjoyed the same level of success as some of the bigger clubs in Greece, it has had notable achievements in its history, including participating in the Greek Super League, the top tier of Greek football.

  5. Supporter Base: Despite being a smaller club, Doxa Drama has a loyal fan base known for their passion and dedication to the team. They often provide vocal support during matches, creating an electric atmosphere in the stadium.

  6. Community Engagement: Like many football clubs, Doxa Drama is deeply ingrained in its local community. The club often organizes events and initiatives aimed at promoting football at the grassroots level and fostering community spirit.

  7. Youth Development: Doxa Drama places a strong emphasis on youth development, nurturing young talent through its academy system. This focus on youth has helped produce talented players who have gone on to represent the club at higher levels of competition.

  8. Cultural Impact: Football plays a significant role in Greek culture, serving as a source of pride and identity for many communities. Doxa Drama, with its long history and presence in Drama, has undoubtedly contributed to the cultural fabric of the region.

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