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Olympiacos 2004/05 Home kit with Official Rivaldo Print Small

Olympiacos 2004/05 Home kit with Official Rivaldo Print Small

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This kit is in great shape. It's a true classic for Olympiacos as it also features the legendary name of Rivaldo on the back. It was manufactured by Umbro and the size is Small. 

The club has a passionate and dedicated fan base known as "Gate 7." Olympiacos fans are known for creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere during matches.

The 2004/05 season was significant for Olympiacos FC as they had a decent performance in various competitions. Here's a summary of their performance in major competitions during that season:

  1. Super League Greece: Olympiacos had a successful campaign in the Greek Super League. They finished at the top of the league table, winning the championship. This was a common occurrence for Olympiacos during that period, as they were dominant in Greek football.

  2. UEFA Champions League: In the UEFA Champions League, Olympiacos finished 3rd in their group dropping down in the UEFA Cup.

  3. UEFA Cup: They reached the Round of 16 where they lost to Newcastle.

  4. Greek Cup: Winners.

Olympiacos is often referred to as the "Legend of Piraeus," emphasizing its strong connection to the port city of Piraeus.

Some of the standout players during that season include:

  1. Rivaldo: The Brazilian attacking midfielder Rivaldo was a marquee signing for Olympiacos during the 2004/05 season. His experience and skill added significant firepower to the team.

  2. Ieroklis Stoltidis: Stoltidis was a Greek midfielder who played a crucial role in the team's success. He was known for his work rate and versatility in midfield.

  3. Giovanni: The Brazilian forward Giovanni was a dynamic presence in the attacking third for Olympiacos. His flair and goal-scoring ability made him a key asset for the team.

  4. Predrag Đorđević: The Serbian midfielder was known for his technical ability and set-piece prowess. He played a significant role in the team's midfield.

  5. Antonis Nikopolidis: Goalkeeper Antonis Nikopolidis was a stalwart for Olympiacos during this period. He played a crucial role in the team's defensive stability.

  6. Christos Patsatzoglou: Patsatzoglou, a Greek midfielder, played a key role in the team's midfield, contributing to both offensive and defensive phases of play.

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