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Fanela Club

Pannaxiakos 1990's Home Kit XL

Pannaxiakos 1990's Home Kit XL

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An extremely rare one of a kind fanela. From the template it can be determined that it was matchworn in 1990's. It was bought by Fanela Club from a small sportwear shop in Naxos (Island in Cyclades of Greece). The small shop was owned and named after the kit's sponsor Tsakoniatis. 

An official number ''12'' number print is featured on the back.

Pannaxiakos is a Greek football club based in Naxos, Greece. They compete in the lower divisions of Greek football. The club was founded in 1960 and has a modest but passionate fanbase. While not as well-known internationally, Pannaxiakos still holds an important place in local football culture.

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