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PAS Giannina 2020/21 Special kit Small

PAS Giannina 2020/21 Special kit Small

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This special kit is in exellent condition and an instant classic for Pas Giannina. The 2020/21 KOMBAT™ PRO game shirt for men is crafted from stretch fabric and incorporates HYDRO-WAY PROTECTION technology. The size is Small and manufactured by Kappa.

The ''Ajax of Epirus''  plays its home matches at Zosimades Stadium, located in Ioannina. The stadium has a capacity of around 7,652 spectators.

PAS Giannina was founded in 1966, and it competes in the top tiers of Greek football. In their 2020/21 season they performed accordingly.

Super League Greece:

  • Finished 9th in the league table.

Greek Football Cup:

  • Reached the Semi Finals where they lost to Olympiacos in an impressive run.

Here are a few players who were associated with PAS that season:

  1. Yuri Lodygin

  2. Stavros Pilios

  3. Juan Dominguez

  4. Giorgos Pamlidis                                                                                                                                                                     
  5. Jean-Baptiste Léo                                                                                                     
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