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USA 2005 Training kit Large

USA 2005 Training kit Large

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This kit is in excellent condition. An iconic Total 90 training kit that was manufactured by Nike for the USA Mens National team. The size is Large.

In 2005, the performance of the United States men's national soccer team was extremely succesful. The team participated in several competitions and matches throughout the year, including World Cup qualifying matches and various international friendlies.

One notable event for the US national team in 2005 was their participation in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, which is the championship tournament for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. In that tournament, the US team made a triumph and won the title.

Additionally, the US team participated in the final round of qualification for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. They finished in first place in their qualifying group, securing their spot in the World Cup tournament.

In 2005, the United States men's national soccer team had several key players who made significant contributions to the team's performance:

  1. Landon Donovan: Donovan was one of the most recognizable and talented players for the US national team during this time. He was known for his skill on the ball, vision, and ability to score goals. Donovan played a crucial role in midfield and attacking positions.

  2. Claudio Reyna: Reyna was a veteran midfielder and often served as the captain of the US team. He provided leadership, experience, and technical ability in the midfield, controlling the pace of the game and distributing the ball effectively.

  3. Brian McBride: McBride was a prolific striker and a target man for the US team. He was known for his aerial ability, physical presence, and knack for scoring important goals. McBride was a key figure in the team's attacking line.

  4. Eddie Pope: Pope was a central defender who provided stability and reliability at the back for the US team. He was known for his strong tackling, aerial prowess, and ability to read the game effectively, making him a vital component of the team's defense.

  5. Tim Howard: Howard was the goalkeeper for the US national team during this time and established himself as one of the top goalkeepers in the world. His shot-stopping abilities, command of the penalty area, and leadership in the backline were instrumental in the team's defensive efforts.

  6. Clint Dempsey: At the time, Dempsey was establishing himself as a versatile attacking player capable of playing as a forward or attacking midfielder. He possessed excellent technical skills, a powerful shot, and a knack for scoring crucial goals.
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